Butcher Joyce
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  • Mike Starr (The Darkness)
  • Phil Idrissi (The Darkness II)

"Butcher knows everyone's business. But what keeps him alive is that he never, ever chooses a side."
Jackie about Butcher Joyce. [src]

Butcher Joyce is a character that appears in The Darkness and The Darkness II.

Biography Edit

The Darkness Edit

Butcher's job is to enter the scene of a Mob hit and scrub the place clean, removing all traces of evidence. That usually involves hacking up corpses and flushing them, before bleaching the entire scene. Butcher has worked for the Franchetti Crime Family for over thirty years and in all that time he claims he has never taken sides. Butcher is one of the family and it appears that he has to choose between the old ways and the new. Butcher was also very old friends with Jackie's father.

Butcher was in The Darkness game. He, in addition to his usual role of cleaning up bodies after hits, helps Jackie many times throughout the story. For instance, he gives Jackie the location of "Uncle" Paulie Franchetti. He also arrived at Aunt Sarah's house after the shootout.

The Darkness II Edit

Butcher reappears in The Darkness II in Jackie's mansion, a few times.


  • Butcher is the only known Joyce in the game.
  • Butcher has been in the Mob business for over thirty years.
  • Butcher Joyce is also in The Darkness Comic series.
  • Butcher was a good friend of Jackie's father.
  • Butcher is one of the few characters who can't be interacted with directly in the Asylum levels.
  • Butcher Joyce has an official twitter account, where he details his working day