Brotherhood Whip is a term given to members of The Brotherhood that primarily use their whip against Jackie.


Brotherhood Whip has a armor made of the Darkness like substance that covers his middle area and most of his head. Their only weapon is a whip, which resemblance a serpents head.

Behavior and AbilitiesEdit

Brotherhood Whip enemies are very rare and only appear in later sections of the game. They attack with a whip that can take weapons out of Jackie hands. Its also can reach pretty far. In The Darkness II campaign they have small amount of armor but in the Vendettas campaign their middle part and head is encased in armor. Differently from other variations their armor does not break. They mostly are accompained by Rookies and Melees. Because their armor doesn't break player only needs to stun him with his weapon to perform a execution. They can be troublesome to deal with when paired with a Support Brotherhood, as the flashlight of the Support Brotherhood prevents easy recovery of Jackie's gun.