Bragg is a character in The Darkness II and was a member of The Brotherhood, acting as the main enforcer for Victor Valente the leader of The Brotherhood. Bragg is a brutal psychopath, taking pleasure in the murder and carnage he causes, because of this he is used by Valente to carry out assassinations and other violent assignments in order to further The Brotherhood's goals. He is the tertiary antagonist of The Darkness II.


After it was discovered Jackie Estacado was the host of The Darkness, The Brotherhood made an attempt on his life in order to lure him to them. This plan was successful and while Jackie was held captive by Valente, having his Darkness power drained, Bragg and a team of Brotherhood members raided Jackie's penthouse killing many of his bodygaurds. Bragg also personally executed one of Jackie's most trusted enforcers (either Frank or Eddie, depending on the choice of the player). Jackie eventually escapes Valente's clutches and makes it back to his penthouse. After a gun battle with the remaining Brothehood members he learns his Aunt Sarah is holed up in his specially built panic room. Once there Bragg ambushes Jackie, shooting him as he comes through the doors, after which Bragg forces Jackie to watch as he brutally stabs aunt Sarah to death before shooting Jackie in the face with his shotgun.

Bragg once again leads an attack on Jackie and his men during aunt Sarah's funeral, this time using some of the Darkness power that was drained from Jackie earlier. He cruelly tosses Aunt Sarah's casket at Jackie and Jimmy "The Grape" causing her body to fall out, and then taunts him about her death which greatly angers the young mob boss. Bragg then watches as Jackie slaughters all of his men throughout the cemetary, and finally confronts Jackie himself after all his men are dead.


Bragg then tries to use his darkness power to kill Jackie, but his powers prove no match for Jackie and The Darkness and after a brief battle Bragg is wounded and defeated. He is then interrogated by Jackie who asks where Victor Valente is hiding, Bragg responds by telling him the information he wants to know, telling him Victor is not afraid of such a weak and stupid host. In revenge for the murder of his beloved Aunt Sarah Jackie then uses his Darkness heads to rip open Bragg's midsection and proceeds to pull his heart out with his bare hands.