"Its all about power." - Barzini

Barzini was a nearly 200 year old crooked Vampire mob boss whom Jackie Estacado recruited to help with the uprising of Vampires and Werewolves within the New York mobs. Nobody knew he was a Vampire.

It was he who set Jimmy and Frankie up, leading to Frankie's death and Jimmy's turning. He tried to stop Jackie's crew by sending a pack of Vampires to distract them. He sacrifices his own progeny's progeny to Jackie's crew simply to solidify his own reputation and then proceeded to kill her.

He then tracked Jackie to a graveyard where he tried to kill him, however Jackie was knocked out by Eva, who then killed Barzini with The Darkness.

Physical DiscriptionEdit

Unlike other Vampires, Barzini had an elderly appearance. How and why this was is unknown.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Superhuman Speed: Being nearly 200 years old, Barzini was faster than other Vampires; able to move to fast for the eye to see.

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