We are The Angelus. The world has gone too long without my Light." - The Angelus

The Angelus is the equal and opposite of The Darkness. She is the original light of Creation and has been at war with The Darkness ever since. She briefly appears in The Darkness 2.

Biography Edit

After Jackie rescues Jenny from the Darkness, they have a moment of peace together, exchanging their love for each other again. Jenny states that she will love Jackie no matter what, and that she is sorry for whatever happens. She is then ripped away from Jackie, as the Angelus takes her over. The Angelus states that Jenny is still within her, and that the world has gone too long without her light. The Angelus then states that Jackie and the Darkness are where they belong, and ascends, leaving them both in Hell, with Jackie screaming in anger.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Is presumed that video game version Angelus possesses all the abilities the comic versions has.

Gallery Edit

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