Abysmal Maw is a relic found in The Darkness II.

Background Edit

The Abysmal Maw is a relic carved directly from the Gates of Hell. When gripped in the right hand and the correct incantation is said, The Maw will unleash a blast of pure Hellfire. The Hellfire destroys everything and everyone it touches and anyone who is killed by it is sent directly to Hell. The downside to using this relic is that every time it is used, it burns away a part of the user's soul as well. According to Johnny Powell; "Most people only get three or four shots off before they wake up in hell." Theoretically a host of The Darkness would be immune to the Maw's side effects due to their soul already being condemned to Hell. The Maw however, will no longer function because the incantation required to use it has been lost to time. The Brotherhood were the last to use the relic, presumably sometime around World War II.

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